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Chasi empowers you to effortlessly one-click deploy WooCommerce websites, with everything ready.

Chasi Products Online Store Stripe
WooCommerce’s integration with Stripe Payments ensures a smooth and secure online shopping experience, boosting customer confidence with features like subscription billing and multi-currency support for merchants.
Chasi Products Online Store Apple Pay
Apple Pay
WooCommerce’s Apple Pay integration enhances shopping by enabling swift and secure transactions via Apple devices, streamlining checkout with enhanced security for both customers and merchants.
Chasi Products Online Store Google Pay
Google Pay
WooCommerce’s Google Pay integration streamlines Android device transactions, ensuring fast and secure checkouts for enhanced user convenience and a reliable payment experience for merchants.
Chasi Square Logo WooCommerce
WooCommerce syncs with Square for versatile, user-friendly payments, enabling seamless in-store or online transactions with features like inventory management and analytics for efficient e-commerce.
Chasi Products Online Store Paypal
WooCommerce’s PayPal integration ensures a secure and trusted payment experience, offering a seamless checkout process and buyer protection features for a globally accepted transaction method, enhancing the efficiency and credibility of e-commerce businesses.
Chasi Products Online Store Venmo
WooCommerce’s Venmo integration adds a social and mobile-friendly aspect to online transactions, allowing seamless bill splitting and payment sharing to enhance the buying experience within the WooCommerce ecosystem.

Payment Plans Boost Sales

WooCommerce Deposits is a valuable extension that enables businesses to offer customers the option of paying a partial amount upfront when purchasing products or services. This feature is particularly useful for high-ticket items or custom orders, providing flexibility for both merchants and customers in managing payments and securing transactions.

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Chasi Flat Images Deposits WooCommerce
Chasi Flat Images Image Reviews WooCommerce 1
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Photo Reviews

WooCommerce Photo Reviews is a dynamic extension that enriches customer feedback by allowing users to submit product reviews accompanied by images. This visual element enhances the authenticity and credibility of reviews, providing potential buyers with a more comprehensive understanding of products and fostering a sense of trust in the WooCommerce shopping experience.


with everything you need to sell.


WooCommerce, a powerful and customizable e-commerce plugin for WordPress, empowers businesses to effortlessly create and manage online stores. With its user-friendly interface, extensive range of features, and a vibrant ecosystem of extensions, WooCommerce provides a robust foundation for merchants to showcase and sell their products or services, facilitating a seamless and scalable online shopping experience.

Shipping Options

Flat Rate

Flat-rate shipping simplifies checkout with standardized costs.

Local pickup

Local pickup enhances community engagement and brings people into your store.

Create zones

Creating shipping zones ensures precise control over costs, allowing you to optimize shipping strategies for diverse markets.

Per Product Shipping

Per product shipping, a standout feature not found in standard WooCommerce setups, tailors rates based on individual product characteristics.

Images ShipStation eCommerce

Need more? ShipStation is available with Premium Integrations.

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green leafed plant
white blue and red floral ceramic mug
green leafed plant
green leafed plant


WooCommerce Coupons provide merchants with a versatile tool to implement various discount strategies and promotional campaigns for their online stores. From percentage discounts to fixed amount reductions and even free shipping, WooCommerce Coupons allow businesses to attract and retain customers by offering enticing incentives during the checkout process.

Chasi Grows With You

Need More Features? You can easily add Marketing tools and more! Only pay for what you need when you need it. It’s easier here at Chasi.

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Streamline your WordPress experience with Chasi, featuring premium plugins, an intuitive visual editor, a selection of 300+ website templates, no coding hassle, and continuous 24/7 technical assistance.

Marketing Tools

Supercharge your business with our essential tools. Optimize your online presence through SEO, build trust with customer reviews, capture leads effectively, and expand your reach with seamless social sharing and feeds. Elevate your strategy and propel your brand to new heights. Get started now.
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Premium Integrations

Effortlessly streamline your third-party applications with our premium integrations. Enhance customer relations with specialized tools, import store products seamlessly using CSV, and customize your website with ease using custom scripts. Capture valuable data with form partial entries and conduct insightful surveys, all seamlessly integrated into your forms. Elevate your workflow and optimize your processes with our powerful suite of premium integrations.

Pick the plan that works best for you

Chasi makes it simple to create stunning WordPress websites with the Divi Builder. From personal information sites, to on-demand deployable instances, we have you covered.





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